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GOLIATH FILM AND MEDIA INTERNATIONAL is a sales and distribution company that licenses quality motion picture and digital content to service high demand niches in the entertainment industry for the purpose of domestic and international distribution as well as specifically targeted content demand.


Over the last 10 years, demand for content has greatly exceeded supply as a result of foreign demand, IPTV, increasing numbers of channels on cable and satellite, and new foreign markets. Goliath will identify and cater to these expanding markets, through its distribution partners, which puts the company in the enviable position of being incredibly cost effective for smaller independent filmmakers. The industry has a need for a more effective distribution mechanism, especially in regards to indepependent filmmakers, who have limited opportunities to distribute their completed films. By submitting a large number of films or “critical mass” of content to its distribution partners, Goliath emerges as a prominent and prolific distribution solution in the independent and mainstream markets. 




Lamont K. Roberts | CEO


Mike Criscione | COO & Director of Marketing


John Ballard | CFO


For further information, please see our contact page.

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