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Girlfriends of Christmas Past 


Release: 12.4.16         Director: Jake Helgren       Genre: Romantic Comedy          Running Time: 90 minutes


When three hilarious, strong-willed women join forces to seek the ultimate revenge on their cheating ex at his upcoming holiday retreat, lovestruck event planner Livvy meets Carter, the charming colleague organizing it all, leaving Livvy to question if she can leave off their revenge scheme long enough to finally forgive her ex and let a real holiday romance blossom.



Director: Jake Helgren

Writer: Jake Helgren

Producer(s): Mike Criscione, Lamont Roberts, Stephanie Slack, Fernando, Szew

Cast: Tammin Sursok, Brent Bailey, Lindsey McKeon, Abigail Klein, John Brotherton, Meagan Holder

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